Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bonbori Japanese Cuisine @ Setia walk Puchong

We love Japanese food, we visited  many Japanese restaurant around town just to try out the different dishes they served. When we were exploring Setia walk while waiting for our movie , we saw Bonbori and it was quite pack. Good impression, pack either mean the food is darn good or they are darn cheap, Bonburi hit in between this two points. They serve pretty decent Japanese food at a very affordable price.

Pretty Lady Boss Catherine

Pretty geisha mural drawn on the wall

Salmon salad ( RM 13.90)

Salmon salad serve with sesame sauce. Pretty decent, the salmon was fresh.

Unagi maki( RM 19.90h

Unagi is a must everytime, we visited a Japanese restaurant.   A good piece of unagi shouldn't have any fishy smell, thick , fatty and the skin should be tender but not too soft. This unagi maki is ok, if to compare, it's better than Sakae sushi but not as good as premium restaurant unagi. I find it a little fishy. I don't really like it when they serve the maki with mayonnaise all over it. I highlighted to the lady boss, she say next time I can't inform them not to put it in. But for the price is good stuff.

Soft shell crab maki(rm 12.90)

The soft shell crab maki tasted better than the unagi maki. Generous amount of soft shell crab was included. 

 Grilled Saba fish

The Saba fish is pretty good.  The fish was fresh .Addition of RM 8.00 you get a fullset meal with rice, chawan mushi, salad and miso soup. 

Miso claypot salmon head (rm25.90)
The boss told us their speciality dish was salmon head , what we had in mind is grilled salmon fish head.  She say noo.. Hers was simmer salmon fish head in claypot, either in miso or kimchi broth. We ordered the miso broth, salmon fish was really fresh and the meat is tender, they did a good job by not over cooking it. We find the broth a little too sweet to our liking.  We did make a comment to the boss, she said the chef added sake to the broth, next if we don't like it they can custom the broth.

Mixed fruit tea ( rm 17.90)

I normally don't order fruit tea when I am in Japanese restaurant. But my partner wanted to try it out, it's very refreshing with lots of fruits in it.

We wanted to order the uni sushi to try out, but sadly she said they only serve only on Thursday. Guess we have to drop by another day.

Overall the meal here are decent ,generous, and affordable. The staff and the boss is very attentive and really give you full attention.

( located on the 1st floor-the row above Starbucks)
G-10-1, Block G,
Setia Walk Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160, Puchong

Business hours: Daily 12-3pm, 6-10pm


  1. Thanks for sharing the yummy for Bonbori Restaurant, your post is great with so many nice photos. Please dovisit us more often. Thank you.

  2. For balance...Terrible service!! We are patient people and waited over an hour, but still nothing. Not even edamame! Tried to pay for drinks and leave but this took even longer as they took the time to tell the kitchen to cancel our orders before speaking to us then argued over what we had eaten! Do not eat here, the food is not worth the hunger. There's a much better sushi place in Serbta walk downstairs. We were so angry at how customer complaints were dealt with, you will see this review in as many places as I can find which mention this sorry excuse for a restaurant.