Monday, 15 July 2013

Bear Paw@Kota Kemuning

Burgers joint seem to be growing rapidly recently from charcoal burger now we have mantao burger.
A newly addition to Kota kemuning eatery . Bear Paw is a fast food franchise from Taichung, Taiwan. Bear paw have thtee oultets in Malaysia, Setapak , Leisure mall and here. 

One can choose to order ala carte or you can choose their set meal. I think the set meal are more worth it.  From the menu you can build your own bear paw burger,according to the them.Well three types of mantao burger are available , millk,brown sugar and wheat. They recommend the wheat bread to me. After the bread is chosen, you have 3 choices of patty chicken, spicy chicken and fish, follow by variety of sauce to be add in. Sadly only one sauce can be added in every burger. He recommended the thousand Island sauce in my spicy chicken.

Here comes the burger and the drink,  kiwi Yakult series(RM14.90)
Cute burger 
The burger is around my palm size. The burger had a cute bear paw print on it, too cute to be eaten. 

The whole wheat burger taste nothing like whole wheat, kind of disappointed with it. The texture of the bread was OK , taste like pita bread just softer and sweeter. I ordered spicy chicken patty, not sure whether they made a mistake in my order Because the spicy fried chicken patty has zero level of spiciness. Patty tasted ok, the skin of the chicken patty was crispy and the chicken patty was juicy.
I like their Yakult kiwi drink. I think I be back for this drink only. Pricing wise i think is at the high side, my set come to RM 14.90. Overall I still prefer Mcd spicy McDeluxe over this.

Address: No 7-G Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BF 31/BF, Kota kemuning 40460 Shah Alam( it's at the new shop lot next to the lake, near ambank )

Business hours: 11am-11pm

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